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An all-in-one kit with everything you need to instantly shape, fill, and set your brows.

What it does:
Build your brow drama with Benefit’s Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit. This all-in-one set lets you instantly shape, fill, and set your arches. Take brows from natural-looking to bold and dramatic with ka-BROW! cream-gel colour and brush. The buildable, smudge-proof colour lasts for up to 24 hours and creates soft daytime to bold playtime looks. Transform the cap into a full-length brush for ultimate precision and control by pulling the brush out of the cap, flipping it around, and snapping it back in. Apply high brow highlight & lift pencil underneath your arches and blend to lift your look, and then lock brows in place with 24-HR Brow Setter setting gel. This kit also includes special shaping stencils, a stencil holder, and signature Tips & Tricks to help you create your own custom, expert brow shape.

This set contains:
- 0.1 oz/ 2.9 mL Ka-BROW! cream-gel colour (full size)
- 0.11 oz/ 3.2 mL 24-HR Brow Setter (mini size)
- 0.1 oz/ 2.8 g High brow highlight & lift pencil (full size)
- Shaping stencils
- Stencil holder
- Tips & Tricks




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